How and where to buy fisherman pants wholesale?

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How and where to buy fisherman pants wholesale?

Buying fisherman pants wholesale or in bulk can be done here on our site directly. You can browse all our fisherman pants and select the ones you like most. After you found you cheap fisherman pants, simply send us an email and a list of bulk fisherman pants you want to order. We have the best seller fisherman pants from Thailand in stock for small orders and for larger pants orders, we manufacture in our factory as per order. We can make fisherman pants wholesale in 3 types of fabric: Rayon, Cotton or thin streaked cotton. Most orders are in standard size, if you want to modify the pattern, we can tailor as of your request. For European or American clients we can make them longer. Buy here fisherman pants in bulk online directly from Bangkok Thailand.


Our wholesale fisherman pants comes in the traditional size. Most our customer order the original size. The reason behind this is, that they are very wide and wrap around. The leg is wide and comfy to wear. As fisherman pants Bangkok are wrap around, max waist size can be 52”. But they fit for all sizes below as they wrap around your body and you simply tie it with the attached tie in front and fold over. In case you want to modify the cutting, contact us by email and we’ll get the right measurements specifically made for you. Fisherman Pants wholesale Thailand Made to order.

Minimum order

The best selling pants are in stock. We sell fisherman pants Thailand Wholesale. For those pants minimum order is 50 pieces per order mixed colors from stock. If you want your fisherman pants cheap in your own color, we can order the fabric and tailor them for you. Minimum order for fisherman pants Bangkok in colors we do not keep in stock is 60 pieces per color. Our factory has a capacity of 400 sewing machines. For larger order we can produce up to 1000 pants per day when fabric arrived at our factory.  Our factory act as your fisherman pants supplier. Simply send us a list of items and quantity your are looking for and we’ll get back to you by email with a quotation.


There are a few options for shipping fisherman pants from Thailand. We can handle for you the shipping by FedEx or Thailand Post by EMS, Airmail, Surface Mail. Also for larger order we work with a freight forwarder who handles all export documents and formalities with a very competitive price. Smaller orders of thai fisherman pants bulk vary between 50 to 200 pants. Air freight directly to your airport is recommended for around 300-400 pants. Best way to ship is if you plan your order ahead of time and send it out by sea freight per LCL. This service is the most cost effective. Minimum pants recommendation start by 800 pants

Contact us today

We want to inform you the best about the order process of fisherman pants Thailand wholesale. Now hopefully you know more about our order process and fisherman pants where to buy. It is very simple. Also you know now how to get your custom size pants made per order. We tried to find the best way to make the minimum order for both small and bigger clients workable. When your order completed, you can feel completely safe with the provided shipping of your choice. With all collected information contact us by email and we get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Looking forward processing your order soon!

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