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How will Esiamcenter help me in case of import duties, taxes or fees?
Yes, we are happy to help our customers. Here are some tips from our prior experience.

European Union:

As the following, you can get avoid of paying any fees;

  • A maximum selling price of €45,00.According to this statement, you can send items as a gift to someone within the EU from outside EU with a maximum value of €45,00
  • A maximum selling price of €22,00.You are able to order or purchase everywhere for your personal used with a maximum value of €22,00

The Selling price is the value of the goods and excludes packaging and postage. Therefore, the represent price on our site are selling price.

If you order several products and dispatch them to a single address, and the total sum of the purchase prices is more than € 45.00, you will be charged import duties. Therefore, we can offer you a dispatch order in a separate package. We will not charge you with any extra cost. This needs to be agreed between Esiamcenter and you as our customer. Otherwise, we will send it in one package.

It also depends on the customs judgment in term of the value of product. From prior experiences, our customers never paid any duties. However, we are not able to make any guarantees that it will not happen:

United States of America:

At this moment, the rules are still unclear regarding import into the USA. American customers have had no problems or import duties to be paid.


Can Esiamcenter reimburse me if import duties, taxes or fees have been charged by Customs or Shipping Company?

All international orders are subject to duties, taxes and fees as determined by their local government. Since each country is different, Esiamcenter is not able to take responsibility in paying those duties. All duties, taxes and fees must be paid by the customer.

According to different requirements in different countries, it would be better to ensure with your government customs office and check out information about custom clearance, duties and taxes. Try to find out what the taxes are and how much you can buy without paying taxes.


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